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We Are Just Beggars  

trying to show other beggars where the food’s at!

*The food is the “Bread of Life”. John 6:51


This web site is inspired by my friend Mark, and two inmates, Kelly and Mike—who went from lost souls to believers in the Lord Jesus. The content of this site is inspired by a deliverance minister and Christian counselor, Bible instructors, pastors, teachers and authors. 

Truth vs. Deception is the main focus of this site.  I have enjoyed my vocation as an educator for 40 years, but have struggled in the area of marriage and relationships much of my life as a Christian man.  I had been a Christian from about age 13 to retirement at age 62, and could never understand why I could not triumph over some of these difficulties.  Over the last six years I have found new sources of hope—new revelation.  It is called “Revelation Knowledge” that has given me insight into the areas of confusion, and strongholds that I did not even know existed.  As it says in Hosea, I was perishing for lack of knowledge.

It is my hope and prayer that the information on this site will be helpful to many of you who are looking for the Truth in your own life.  Please share this site with family and friends as well.  We do hope to hear from many of you.

Bob Speed





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