Do You Hear Voices?

Are You Hearing Voices?


We usually think of people with mental problems when we are told that someone is “hearing voices”.  The next question that we might encounter could be “where are such voices coming from?”  These questions lead me into further discussion.

Have you ever considered what voices are heard speaking into our lives?  Have you ever thought about who actually has a voice?  Have you ever thought about the fact that only people have voices?

Let’s start with the fact that humans are the only ones that have voices which use words (language) and have meaning.  Animals and birds can vocalize, and even with some meaning—but they don’t use words with meaning incorporated.  God created man with such things as language, morality, and standards of behavior that are unique only to humankind. 

But let’s not forget that God is the one who created Humans, human intelligence, and words to express their ethics, morality, and principles for living.  God is a spirit, and He also has a voice and uses words—the Bible is His Word to us.

Consider all the other voices that speak into our lives: The TV and radio media, newspapers, authors, internet, etc.  All of these come into our minds through our eyes and ears.  We either see or hear the words, ideas, opinions, etc. 

How does God (a spirit), speak to us aside from His written Word?   The most common way is through what we call that “still small voice”.  Some might say that they don’t remember ever hearing a still small voice.  When you do something that you know is wrong is there not an inner voice that pops up on the inside of you that tells you not to do it?  That is often referred to as “our conscience”.  I dearly hope you do have one of those—or you’re really in trouble.  God also speaks to us through sermons, Bible studies, Christian TV, and quite often through other people as well.  More rarely, God speaks to people is through visions and dreams; and sometimes different ones have actually heard an audible voice.

Mark 1: 11 And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

We have heard people refer to themselves a having an “inner dialogue”.  Fairly often you will encounter the driver of a car next to you having a conversation—but nobody else in even in the car with them.  We must therefore come to the conclusion that we all hear voices throughout our day. 

Perhaps it would make sense to identify these voices as generally positive or negative.  Sometimes they are statements, sometimes questions, and others are just thoughts that are generated.  We often find ourselves struggling with a desire for something from one voice, and a conflicting voice about the same.

All of this happens in “the soul” of a man or woman.  The soul is the feeling part including the mind, will, and emotions.  Not enough people realize that all of this is spoken of in the Bible:

II Corinthians 10: 5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

Have you ever considered that all the voices that we encounter are coming from a good place or a bad place?  Oh, you would feel better if I said on a continuum from good to bad, because sometimes they are just a little bit negative—not really so bad.  Ok, have it your way.  I can live with that as well.

There are millions of people that are spending their hard earned money on psychiatrists, psychologists, and various types of counselors trying to find answers about the voices they hear and the thoughts they have.  Those systems are the “world’s answer to these kinds of problems.  Some go to attorneys or end up in our court system to hear what the voices of the legal system have to tell us.

If you find any or all of those “world systems” helping you and/or meeting your needs, who am I to say don’t go there.
But I do believe I am right when I say:

“You can’t resolve spiritual problems with the world’s systems”.

Let me continue with my premise.  As Christians, we likely all agree that everything good comes from God.  Then it also makes sense that all the rest has an evil motive and there is perpetuated by evil forces.  We often find believers and non-believers alike who will say, “This is like Heaven on earth” or “for them it must be hell on earth”.  It is commonly understood that things on the earth can have a heavenly nature or a hellish nature.  Continuing this point then, we can say all good things come from Heaven; conversely, everything else comes from a form of darkness (abyss, hell).
Thus we get our words abysmal and hellish.

Instead of saying all things come from “God or Satan”, I am going to use the words “from Heaven or Hell”.  I learned to do this idea from a very gifted Christian counselor.  Any time you are not sure where a voice, statement or question is coming from—ask the question, “is that from Heaven or Hell?”  You will be surprised how quickly you can discern whether the Holy Spirit is speaking, or if a demonic spirit is speaking.

Mark 9:

Once you know the source of the voice speaking, you will then have to make a decision as to receiving or renouncing the message and the voice.  There may be occasions when it is more difficult to tell which voice is speaking—in which case you will have to ask God to help you clarify it. 

In the first sentence of this commentary I alluded to mental illness.  If we do not know how to separate good voices from bad ones, the bad ones can increase both in frequency and intensity.  The extremes of frequency and intensity give explanation to what is commonly known as demonic “oppression” and “possession”.

So we have a continuum from milder forms of depression to being possessed at the other extreme.  Oppression seems to fall short of possession as we know it.  It is believed that a born again believer may become oppressed, but never possessed.  The reason behind this belief is that would seem impossible for somebody to have the Holy Spirit residing in them at the same time that they have an evil spirit residing there as well.


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